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Unlock the Potential of Your Contact Center: Elevate CX, Maximize ROI, & Measure Success with Expert-Designed Quality Assurance Software

Our agents think it’s great and so do our leaders

It’s delivered almost immediate ROI

We’ve found it highly intuitive and user-friendly

Developed by QA professionals, for QA professionals

Experience matters, and with over 30 years of expertise in the industry, we know what works.

Quality PLUS Contact Center QA software takes your QA process from disjointed & time-consuming to streamlined, effective, and indispensable.

Quality PLUS empowers your Team Leaders & Agents with unprecedented control to elevate your contact center performance & revolutionize the way you manage quality assurance.

Starting from $15 per agent per month*. Contact us for a quote. 

*Where an agent is a user of the platform or individual being evaluated.

Ditch the spreadsheets today and join more than 200 organizations taking their QA to the next level

The Future of Contact Center Excellence is Quality PLUS

Performance Snapshot
Powerful Analytics
Intelligent Scorecards
Precision Calibration
Instant Coaching
Appeals Management
Contact Center QA Software

Performance Snapshot

Performance insights to make QUICK Data-driven decisions


  • User-friendly, customizable dashboards
  • Analyze trends, predict outcomes & benchmark success at a glance
  • Go beyond traditional KPI tracking & turn data into actionable insights
Contact Centre QA Software

Powerful Analytics

Dig deeper into the data simply to uncover metrics that drive performance improvements forward.

  • Interactively explore data by drilling down to find root causes by agent, team, leader & location
  • Simplify compliance & avoid costly fees
  • Flag issues for immediate action and simply the compliance

Intelligent Scorecards

Get access to customizable, data-driven scorecards that allow for extensive performance reviews.

  • Unlimited scorecard development and/or imports
  • Tailored to your contact centers’ specific KPIs
  • Psychometric based for a dynamic, 360-degree view of agent performance, customer behavior & company trends
Contact Centre QA Software

Precision Calibration

Achieve uniform excellence through our low-effort, high-value calibration tool.


  • Ensure accurate, fair assessments across all QA activity
  • Increase agent trust & buy-in for the QA process
  • Uncover valuable insights for coaching & training programs

Instant Coaching

Streamline the coaching process, track sessions, & celebrate success with our comprehensive coaching hub.

  • Focus on development, not admin
  • Deliver performance improvement with targeted insights
  • Empower & Engage teams with on-the-go coaching

Appeals Management

Nobody’s perfect, so the appeals process in a QA program is imperative. Our tool prevents it from becoming a contentious or unproductive process.

  • Establishes clear guidelines, and institutes a timely, respectful, & constructive process
  • Customizable appeals, disputes, & escalation stages
  • Expose and enhance scoring criteria which leads to improvement in your entire QA process

Why BPA Quality PLUS?

Hours saved per month for a team leader

Organizations monitored worldwide

Interactions monitored each week

What our great customers say

On average I have saved 16 hours per month. This time is now spent on agent driven content and individual personal development with the agents.

Webchat Team Leader

Global Technology Company

Very helpful for us agents. The idea of us seeing what we did wrong and our areas for improvement makes us improve our service.

The platform is very easy to use, and with only one training session I’m very comfortable in using it.

It’s a great tool for us agents – and for the website customer service as well.

New agent

Insurance Company

Immediately beneficial as it provides direct feed back and allows me to have a look at the points raised on my chats and amend my approach.

It’s good to have another perspective to allow me to improve my approach. Overall it’s very straight forward to use.

Experienced Agent

Automotive Company

Join more than 200 organizations already taking their QA to the next level

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