Utility Company

A market-leading utility company uses QualityPLUS to improve its quality management. The quality platform delivered improved reliability, better ease of use, the ability to make changes more quickly and enhanced functionality.

The Challenge

QA is used within the organization as a key control to monitor regulatory compliance and improve customer experience. QA was undertaken for several different operational teams covering sales and customer service activities, using a variety of approaches. The client recognized that an improved QA database was required to support all the QA activity, and a partner was sought to provide this.

BPA Quality was selected from a competitive process as it offered a robust and flexible solution and demonstrated a deep understanding of quality assurance. Implementing the QA database was complex as it involved managing the specific requirements of a wide range of business functions.

BPA QualityPLUS was implemented across 20 lines of the business, including sales, compliance and customer service operations. It also included consolidating quality programs within in-house teams and outsourced vendors. The implementation incorporated up to 2000 users in a quality-related role and involved over 250 evaluation forms.

A series of focused workshop sessions, known as ‘hot houses’, were conducted, designed to bring business users together to scope out and define the requirements for the implementation. BPA Quality developers, both those participating in the workshop and those stationed at BPA’s European Research Centre, adeptly configured and built the system to the specified requirements and seamlessly demonstrated real-time playback to the assembled group to further inform and guide the sessions.

The BPA systems team then worked to configure and build the system, with regular check-in calls to ensure the build was on the right track and to capture any changes in the requirements. Work was staged in two key phases, with a period of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure everything worked to requirements and to capture any issues.

Despite the project’s scale and complexity, a phased implementation was undertaken, and in just seven months from inception, the system was live for all users.

Up to 2000 users spanning 20 lines of business were given access to the BPA Quality platform, and additional lines of business went live after the initial implementation. Through this single quality management platform, they could leverage best practices from different business areas, allowing the opportunity to augment established quality programs.

The automated workflows allowed for more efficiency, visibility and management, ensuring that key actions within the quality process were not missed.

Quality PLUS played a pivotal role in refining their quality management. As a result, the client experienced additional benefits, including bolstered controls such as comprehensive management information, heightened reliability with virtually no downtime, improved ease of use, and increased agility in making changes.

The client’s Sales Conduct and Development Director commented, “The relationship with BPA has continued in an extremely productive manner with good collaboration between teams to continually develop and improve the QA database tool and address any minor issues that have arisen. The success of the working relationship has been such that at monthly business reviews to govern the relationship, there are few issues to discuss. I have been extremely pleased with the support provided by BPA and consider this to be a true partnership which will help us as it develops to meet our strategy.”

He acknowledged that “the timescales were very challenging, but BPA has worked seamlessly with the project team to deliver on time and to budget with very positive feedback from the business users. They have demonstrated a willingness to adopt the new approach and provided excellent support throughout this.”

Regarding learnings from the project, the client reflected that having senior management buy-in and good project leads, both on the client and supplier side, was extremely important to ensure the project met its targets. They emphasized the investment in time in bringing all stakeholders together from the start to understand business requirements alongside system capabilities. The hot-house sessions were effective in ensuring this. Frequent and open communication was also considered vital to maintain momentum, build confidence and provide an agile approach to the system, build, configuration and implementation.

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